Pathway to Wholeness: Breakdown, Breakthrough, Integrate

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All that is false begins to breakdown, sometime piece by piece or sometimes by hitting some sort of bottom.  Whatever we have used to hide behind stops working and try as we might we cannot continue the sham.  All the false images we have created start to give way and disintegrate right before our eyes like sand slipping through our fingers.  Just as we cannot hold onto sand once we open our fingers, the same is true about trying to hold onto an image that has been shattered to pieces.

At this point we can be a bit dazed and confused.  We might feel like we are neither here nor there.  We are no longer clinging to the past and its conditioning but we are not quite fully present either.  Then another shift happens and just like Alice in Wonderland stepping through the looking-glass everything is changed.  We begin our journey into new territory, a breakthrough to another side of life not previously known to us.

We begin to surrender and open up allowing for an integration of our divine self with our human self.  Our personality aligns with our soul.  The pretense is over and we are now connected to our true self.  We are whole.  We are no longer trying to find the missing pieces of ourselves in the external world.

When we try to live our lives without knowing that we are divine as well as human, it is like we are constantly trying to walk up a steep mountain feeling like we will never reach the top.  We do not recognize we have been walking on the top of the mountain the whole time.  Once we recognize this we can relax and breathe easy and stop trying to reach a perceived better destination because we understand that we are already at the highest point.

Trying to live without allowing divine energy to flow through us is like having access to fresh flowing water but only turning the faucet on enough to let a few drops of water flow through.

Without the guidance of divine energy we are walking a dark path holding only a small flashlight able to see only glimpses of what is right in front of us.  Through the integration of our divine self with our human self we realize we are one with all that is, we are illuminated from within bringing light to all that is.  Knowing we do not have to fear what hides in the shadows because there are no more shadows, nothing is hidden from our sight.  We enter a never-ending expansion of love, abundance and connection.  Trying to become something more ceases.  We come to understand that we are good enough just as we are, we know we are worthy of love and always have been.  We relax into our beingness and open up to the peace that passes all understanding.

An inner calmness promised to the believer who has a thankful attitude based on unwavering confidence that God is able and willing to do what is best for us. Our trust in Him brings about peace that transcends human intellect, and human analysis. God’s peace guards us from anxiety, fear, and worry.  We let go and let God.